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Other than a few deceased grandparents or grandaunts/uncles, we did our best to exclude pretty much everyone born after 1900.

Please accept our apologies if you appear on here.  Even more so, please accept our apologies if you are here and listed as deceased.

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Research scope:About 1598 - now
Oldest Ancestor Recorded:Der Alte BARTELDT (father of Matthias BARTELDT)
What I meant here was "oldest" as in furtherest back in time.
Living to 101, he may also be the "oldest" at time of death.
Location:Wollschow, Brandenburg, Germany
Other lines:Germany; Essex, England; Sussex, England;
London, England; Cardiff, Wales; and more
Families entered Australia: 
Henry BROOKS - before 1875 - settled in Mackay, Qld
John DUNCOMBE - 13 Oct 1791 - Third Fleet, Norfolk Island, then Tasmania
John Illidge GRAY - about 1890 - settled in Proserpine, Qld
William HAMBLY - 22 Jan 1788 - "Sirius" - settled Norfolk Island, then Tasmania
Herrmann Otto JACKWITZ - 1878 - settled in SE Qld.
Frederick MULLER - 25 July 1872 - "Reichstag" - settled in Minden, Qld.
Joseph PUCKERIDGE - 1801 - Sydney, NSW.
Nathaniel WICKS - about 1877 - settled near Sarina, then Mackay, Qld

Norfolk Island interests include DUNCOMBE, HAMBLEY, ROWLES
& WEBB from 1st & 3rd Fleets / Norfolk Island / Tasmania

The Databases

Genealogy of George Dawson NEW JAN 2013
Genealogy of Henry Brooks NEW JUL 2011
Charles' Paternal Ancestry
Charles' Maternal Ancestry
Kerri's Ancestry

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Newfoundland, Canada NEW JUNE 2013

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